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Jeffrey D. Sternklar LLC

Commercial Bankruptcy Attorney Serving Nationwide

Jeffrey D. Sternklar LLC is a leading law firm offering commercial bankruptcy law services nationwide. With more than 30 years of experience, we are a trusted name among businesses nationwide. We concentrate in all aspects of insolvency matters and bankruptcy cases.

Our Intention

After 30 years of providing extensive services in the field, we decided to leave the "big-law" because the business of "big-law" was getting in the way of serving and providing real value to our clients. At Jeffrey D. Sternklar LLC, our vision is simple: "It's all about you." We want our clients to get good value for money and, of course, get to sleep with peace of mind.

What We Do

Jeffrey D. Sternklar LLC concentrates on business insolvency matters. We can offer assistance pertaining to multiple scenarios of financial distress, helping you find viable answers for some really crucial questions.

Jeffrey D. Sternklar LLC

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